Guest speaker at our 2017 AGM

Prof. Michael Buxton from Environment and Planning at R.M.I.T. University.

Remembered by many as a  Councillor with Shire of Sherbrooke from1978 to 1984, Professor Buxton spoke on the changes to Melbourne's Residential Zones and the rise in townhouse and apartment style developments across Melbourne's suburbs. 

Critical of government allowing increases in population in areas of Mt. Evelyn, Monbulk, Montrose, Prof. Buxton asked "Why would we want more population in Monbulk?"  The Planning Minister Richard Wynne has allowed medium density through the whole Monbulk Township.  Planners say we need "more housing diversity" but Planning should evaluate applications on an individual basis.  Overlays are not being applied judiciously.  Currently there is a serious breach of ethical principles - principles introduced by Ministers Hamer, Hunt, and Borthwick -  influenced by the housing development sector which is currently an $8 billion dollar industry.

Non urban areas of the old Sherbrooke are holding quite well, and the LDRZ has fortunately been able to prevent literally thousands of subdivisions. However it is worrying to see the pressure being put on residential areas and activity centres in hills townships.  Council must get the controls right.  Discretionary controls can too easily be overturned. You must not destroy the visual amenity, which is our Heritage.

- 2nd July 2017