Aims and Objectives

About the League
Save the Dandenongs League is a not-for profit community based organisation that advocates for the protection and restoration of the Dandenong
Ranges as a natural asset for all time.

The League’s Aims and Objectives are:

To work for the preservation of the historical and natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges as a national asset for all time, through (among other
·  The preservation of all natural and historic beauty spots, especially stands of timber on ridges, steep slopes and roadsides; and
·  The maintenance, in their natural state, of watersheds, streams and the banks of streams;

To encourage the protection of existing wildlife within the Dandenong Ranges and the preservation and rehabilitation of native habitat;
To work for the orderly development of the Dandenong Ranges in the interests of residents and visitors alike;
To support the existence of an effective authority to co-ordinate the work of all who share the administration of the Dandenong Ranges area;
To co-operate with other groups with similar aims.

The League is a non-sectarian, non-party, nonprofit making organisation.