May Moon MBE

May Moon, MBE was born in 1893 and became a kindergarten teacher. During World War II she ran a nursery boarding school at Montrose. She retired in 1950 and built her own small cottage to live in at Kalorama.

May became aware of threats to the natural environment in the Dandenongs such as tree removal and small lot subdivision. With assistance from Prof. John Turner (Professor of Botany), she called a public meeting at Olinda Hall in October 1950, which was attended by 200 people and ‘Save The Dandenongs League’ was born.

She became hon. Secretary for the next 27 years.

She and Professor Turner were allies. She was the firebrand and he was the steadying influence. She got involved in many local issues, a small but formidable woman she marshalled her facts, and assailed politicians and public servants alike.

With the state government, the League raised money to buy the land for Kalorama Park. This was one of many achievements. May also donated her 2¼ acre land at Montrose for an aged care facility in 1976, which was built and called ‘Tullamore’.

May Moon died in 1977 and there is a plaque in her memory in Kalorama Park.